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(brain + love) Left and right


(Brain + Love) Left and Right 2010

Ellen Sandor & (art)n: Chris Kemp, Michael Cone, and Janine Fron

Cynthia K. Thompson, Sladjana Lukic, Bharath Chandrasekaran, Joan Chiao, and Patrick Wong, Northwestern University

Raun K. Kaufman, Autism Treatment Center of America: The Son-Rise Program

Special thanks to Penya Sandor and Eric Taub

Virtual Photograph/PHSCologram: Duratrans, Kodalth, Plexiglas

30 x 30 inches

Raun K. Kaufman, is the first person to fully recover from autism. Diagnosed with severe autism as a boy, his parents developed The Son-Rise Program® which enabled him to emerge from autism without any trace of his former condition. Since then Kaufman has served for several years as the CEO of the Autism Treatment Center of America and has spent his life teaching families the same program that benefited him.

“In a commission for The Son- Rise Program at the Autism Treatment Center of America,  (art)n mapped the brain of a man cured of autism. Sandor used several scans of his brain taken while performing certain activities, each firing neuron paths captured as light on film. The result is a three-dimensional, transparent brain filled with colorful clusters as if everything were active at once. The model of Kaufman’s brain should serve as not only a beautiful artistic representation of the work done at the center, but also a valuable tool for the study of the brain.” 


Jessica Krinke 

'Life - now in exciting 3D!', Medill Reports Chicago

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