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making a difference: breast cancer revisited


Making a Difference: Breast Cancer Revisited is part of a continuous process in the historical scientific visualizations of (art)n that merge art and science. This work was based on data collected from an anonymous patient’s breast MRI. After an initial mammogram and ultrasound, a paramagnetic substance Gadolinium was introduced into the suspected tissue. The colors red, yellow, and blue were assigned to parts of the tissue depending on how quickly the substance past through it. 

Red was more likely malignant, yellow intermediate, and blue was more likely benign. (art)n then took this data and reconstructed it three dimensionally with our own software. While the science stayed accurate and true, the art was made with certain aesthetic choices to create a powerful and iconic image for breast cancer research and support.

Making a Difference: Breast Cancer Revisted, 2011

Ellen Sandor & (art)n: Chris Kemp, Michael Cone and Diana Torres

Virtual Photograph/PHSCologram: Duratrans, Kodalth, Plexiglas

30 x 40 inches

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