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cryptobiology: reconstructing identity

In Cryptobiology: Reconstructing Identity, The glass DNA double helix in the foreground depicts type B DNA. This particular section was taken from the human DNA sequence coding for a protein called lysozyme. This enzyme breaks open the cell walls of some types of bacteria, and is part of our defense against infections. It was the first enzyme whos 3D structure was determined by X-ray crystallography. The sepia toned images in the background and the vertical strips staggered throught the image are actual images of DNA fingerprints.

Cryptobiology: Reconstructing Identity, 2001

Ellen Sandor & (art)n: Keith Miller, Fernando Orellana and Janine Fron

Kathleen Helm-Bychowski, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, DePaul University

Special thanks to Stephan Meyers

Virtual Photograph/PHSCologram: Duratrans, Kodalth, Plexiglas

40 x 30 inches

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