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nanoscape ii: viral assembly


Nanoscape II: Viral Assembly, 1999

Ellen Sandor & (art)n: Fernando Orellana, Nichole Maury and Janine Fron

Arthur Olson, The Scripps Research Institute

Virtual Photograph/PHSCologram: Duratrans, Kodalth, Plexiglas

30 x 30 inches

This image depicts the process of assembly of a poliovirus capsid. The viral capsid, or outer shell is com- posed of sixty copies each of four distinct protein subunits, which self-assemble into a spherical particle with the icosahedral symmetry of a soccer ball.The depiction shows the final pentameric sub-assembly (composed of five copies each of the four chains) docking to the almost complete shell. The coloring is radially depth cued to emphasize the hills and valleys of the viruses outer surface.

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